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(March 2008)
Mariee Sioux, "Faces in the rocks" (Grass Roots)
Keith Rowe & Cor Fuhler, "Culprit" (7hings)
Miles Davis, "Ascenseur pour l'échafaud" (Universal)
Brigitte Fontaine, "Brigitte Fontaine est..." (Saravah)
Town And Country, "C'mon" (Thrill Jockey)

(January 2008)
Alela Diane, "The pirate's gospel" (Fargo)
Rhodri Davies, "Over shadows" (Confront)
Teodoro Anzellotti, "Three compositions by John Cage" (Winter & Winter)
Seaworthy, "Map in hand" (12K)
Luc Ferrari, "Madame de Shangaï" (7Things)

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(December 2007)
Bach / Webern, "Ricercar" (ECM)
Gastr Del Sol, "Crookt, crackt, or fly" (Drag City)
Radu Malfatti / Mattin, "Going fragile" (Formed)
Scott Walker, "Tilt" (Fontana)
Town And Country, "Decoration day" (Thrill Jockey)

(November 2007)
Scott Walker, "And who shall go to the ball? And what shall go to the ball?" (4AD)
MIMEO, "Sight" (Cathnor)
Tomas Phillips, "Intermission/Six feuilles" (Line)
Trapist, "Ballroom" (Thrill Jockey)
Scout Niblett, "I am" (Too Pure)

(September/October 2007)
Robert Hampson, "Hearken" (Onement)
Datsuke Miyatani, "Diaorio" (Ahornfelder)
Stars Of The Lid, "And their refinement of the decline" (Kranky)
Jeffrey Roden, "Seeds of happiness" (New Albion records)
Yannick Franck, demo (
Maison Médicale, "Mode d'emploi..." (
Boby Lapointe, "Comprend qui peut" (Philips)
Zeitkratzer, "electroniX" (X-Tract)

(Summer 2007)
Jantti Rannisto, "Aäniesinieitä" (12K)
Keith Rowe, "The Room" (Erstwhile)
Yuichiro Fujimoto, "The Mountain record" (Ahornfelder)
John Tilbury, "Barcelona" (Rossbin)
Roger Giroux, "Poème" (Théâtre Typographique), book

(June 2007)
Jacob Kirkegaard, "Eldjfall" (Touch)
Daniel Johnston, live in Chicago (Lakeshore theater), May 2007
Mark Frost / David Lynch, "Twin Peaks" (DVD)
Keith Rowe, live in Houston (Rothko Chapel), June 2007
Textu Rizer, "7" (Antifrost)

(May 2007)
Chris Watson / BJ Nilsen, "Storm" (Touch)
John Tibury performs Howard Skempton, live in Düsseldorf (2006)
Stretchandrelax, "Capuche / Barbe" (Rainmusic)
WORK, live in Chicago, 2007 (myspace)
Svarte Greiner, "Knive" (Type)

(April 2007)
SAP(e), "s/t" (Rude Awakening Présente)
David Daniell, "Sem" (Antiopic)
Khonnor, "Handwriting" (Type)
Derek Bailey, "Ballads" (Tzadik)
"Purgatoire", Joris Lacoste (Théâtre de la Colline)

(March 2007)
Main, "Surcease" (N-Rec)
Robert Hampson's last recording as Main. After slowly removing vocals, beats, then guitars, there's only the essential left and it's a superb, quiet electroacoustic work.
Stretchandrelax, "Instead of buying shoes" (Nowaki)
First album by the incredible low-fi girl duo of Elise and Félicia: nice short pieces that recall Ami Yoshida and lowercase improv, Fluxus, Vibracathedral Orchestra, Christian Wolff and Taku Sugimoto.
David Grubbs & Susan Howe, "Souls of the Labadie tract" (Blue Chopsticks)
Second record with the spoken words of american avant-garde poet Susan Howe, with David Grubbs at his best: electronic parts reminiscent of late Gastr Del Sol experiments.
David Lynch, "Inland Empire" (movie)
Three hours of mystery and darkness shot in video, half of it spoken in polish. With memories of nearly every lynch movie. Best moments: the rabbit-head people!
Seefeel, "Succour" (Warp)
I understand why they became a cult band in very few records. This music seems surprisingly modern for the 90's.

(January 2007)
+ Minus, "L'écoute libéré" (Esquilo)
Third opus for the band of Mark Wastell, Graham Halliwell and the mighty Bernhard Günter. Another fascinating work about the sustain of sounds. Quiet, abstract music where the band divides in three: each member produces his own piece.
Malfatti-Mattin, "Going fragile" (Formed)
Comeback to the core of radical reductionnism. Very few, soft trombone notes (Radu Malfatti) and electronic micro-sounds (Mattin), drowned in silence.
Luc Ferrari, "Et tournent les sons" (Césaré)
Among the best Ferrari pieces. Performed by french ensemble Laborintus with ErikM.
Windy & Carl, "Dedication to Flea" (Kranky)
The sweetness of their ambient music slowly surrounds you and takes you away for long minutes. Deep.
Denys Riout, "La peinture monochrome" (Folio), book
A good and well-documented analysis of one of the great phenomena of 20th century art: how and why painting came to pure and unique colour.

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(December 2006)
Derek Bailey, "To play" (Samadhisound)
Last recording, solo, of one of the most important european improv guitar player. Quintessence of his very own style: fractured playing, work with harmonics and turning around ever changing melody. Sessions recorded for David Sylvian's masterpiece "Blemish".
V/A, "Touch 25" (Touch)
Compilation for the 25th bithday of great english label Touch, home of Fennesz, Ikeda, Chris Watson, Biosphere, but here also with Rafael Toral, BJ Nilsen, Pita... Among the most fascinating experimental musicians of today.
V/A, "Amplify 2002" (Erstwhile)
Huge package of seven records with the top of electro acoustic improvisation. Maybe the summum of reductionism. And his graveyard (fall starts at the rise)?
Pierre-Yves Macé, "Trio" (Trace)
Superb short piece by the "French composer" for a Trace compilation. Apart from his previous recordings, he reaches the subtle simplicity of Town And Country at their most Feldman-like moments.
Markus Schmickler / John Tilbury, "Variety" (A-Musik)
Or how to give an interesting modernity to the piano playing, with an unerring rightness in the electronic treatments. To me, one the best records of the year.

(October 2006)
Town And Country, "C'mon" (Thrill Jockey)
Released four years ago but still perfect. Instrumental, subtle and sweet, equal parts Morton Feldman and Gastr Del Sol.
Chris Watson, "Weather report" (Touch)
The master of field recording. When natural sounds become music.
Thomas Wilbrandt, "Alone for a second" (Decca)
To me, it's the record of this month. Satie's covers in chamber music, modern and clearer as ever.
Sigur Ros, "Gong" (Geffen)
The best song of their latest album. i kept it in mind for years, hearing it live as i toured with them in 2003.
Encre, "Plexus II" (Miasmah)
New record by Encre, instrumental and solo. Very nice work with samples of strings, close to contemporary music.

(Summer 2006)
Dominique A, "Tout sera comme avant" (Labels)
There are some real great songs on this album. Dominique at his top: rich ochestration, perfect voice, successful with melody and words. just one regret: too many titles (15), when the 10 best ones would done a masterpiece.
V/A, "The good son vs The only daughter" (Samadhisound)
With "Blemish", three years ago, David Sylvian did one the first great records of the years 2000. The remixes don't carry the personal intensity of the orginals, but they are clearly worth listening. especially for Ryoji Ikeda's surprising piano and strings work.
Godspeed You Black Emperor!, "Lift yr.skinny fists like antennas to heaven" (Kranky)
I thought I didn't like Godspeed anymore. The introduction of this record made me cry twice in the past. I played it again a few days ago, during a rehearsal with choreographer Pierre Rigal: it happened again.
Sébastien Roux, "Songs" (12k)
Very precise work of transformation of the acoustic instruments by an electronic treatment. With this record, Sébastien leaves behind electronica and post-ambient spheres, and reaches modern musique concrète.
Scott Walker, "The drift" (4AD)
He's 63, he does an album every 11 years, and he still gives us a lesson of singularity. "The drift" brings the song format to a faraway territory, where it never went before and where it never should have gone. The best record of the moment.

(June 2006)
Scott Walker, "The drift" (4AD)
Sébastien Roux, "Songs" (12K)
Anthony Burr / Charles Curtis, "Alvin Lucier" (Antiopic / Sigma Editions)
Olivier Cavaillé, "En attendant l'aube"
Félicia Atkinson, "Louiseville", book

(May 2006)
Chris Watson, "Outside the circle of fire" (Touch)
Scott Walker, "The drift" (4AD)
John Cage, "Early piano music" (ECM)
Alain Bashung, "L'imprudence" (Barclay)
Goeff Farina, "Usonian Dream" (Touch & Go)

(April 2006)
Fessenden, "Inside the Ice Factory" (Utech records)
Slint, "Spiderland" (Touch & Go)
Akira Rabelais, "Spellewaureynsherde" (Samadhisound)
Plateformes, s/t ((1.8)sec.records)
"Blocks of consciousness and the unbroken continuum" (Sound 323), book

(March 2006)
Clogs, "Lantern" (Talitres / Brassland)
AMM, "Tunes without measure or end" (Matchless recordings)
Brian Eno, "Discreet music" (EG records)
Olivier Cavaillé, "En attendant l'aube"
9 Beet Stretch

(February 2006)
Scott Walker, "Tilt" (Fontana)
Stars Of The Lid, "The tired sounds of Stars Of The Lid" (Kranky)
Akira Rabelais, "Spellewauerynsherde" (Samadhisound)
Fessenden, "Capture / Create" (Entr'acte)
Clogs, live in Paris (Point Ephémère), 6/02/2006

(January 2006)
Arvo Pärt, "Lamentate" (ECM)
Luc Rambo, "1998-2005" (demo)
Man, "Helping hand" (Sub Rosa)
Heller, "01.05" (Optical Sound)
Morton Feldman, "Rothko Chapel", by 2E2M & les cris de paris, Paris, January 12th 2006

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(December 2005)
Keith Rowe / John Tilbury, "Duos for Doris" (Erstwhile)
Sébastien Roux, "Pillow" (apestaartje)
Luc Ferrari, "Presque rien" (INA-GRM)
Soletti / Besnard, "Nocturne" (Rude Awakening présente)
The Beatles, white album (EMI)

(November 2005)
Fessenden, Live in Chicago (4/11/05)
Clogs, "Lantern" (talitres)
Alva Noto / Ryuichi Sakamoto, live in Paris (13/10/05)
Greg Davis / Sébastien Roux, "Paquet Surprise" (carpark records)
Sogar, "Basal" (12k)

(October 2005)
Portrait Of David, s/t (Glitterhouse)
Trapist, "Highway my friend" (Hatology)
Radian, live in Geneva, 8 september 2005
Fennesz, live in Paris, 7 october 2005
Michael Nyman, "Experimental music" (Allia), book

(September 2005)
Greg Davis / Steven Hess, "Decisions" (Longbox recordings)
Miles Davis, "Kind of blue" (Blue Note)
Helios, internet downloads
Smog, "A river ain't too much to love" (Drag City)
Town and Country, s/t (Boxmedia)

(August 2005)
AMM/MEV, "Apogee" (Matchless recordings)
David Sylvian, "Blemish" (Samadhi Sound)
Gastr Del Sol, "Camoufleur" (Drag City)
Mark Hollis, untitled (Polydor)
Daniel Clowes, "Like a velvet glove cast in iron" (comics)

(July 2005)
Angle, "We'll pick up the pieces next time"
Morton feldman, "Triadic Memories", Piano: John Tilbury (LondonHall)
Gastr Del Sol, "Mirror Repair" (Drag City)
Sébastien Roux, "Pillow" (apestaartje)
James Meyer, "Minimalisme" (Phaidon), book

(June 2005)
Fifths of Seven, "Spry from bitter anise folds" (Les Disques du Soleil et de l'Acier)
Alvin Curran, "Inner cities" (Long Distance)
Pierre-Yves Macé, "Circulations" (Sub Rosa)
AMM, "Before driving to the chapel we took coffee with rick and jennifer reed" (Matchless Recordings)
Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto, "Insen" (Raster Noton)

(May 2005)
Günter Müller / Steinbrüchel, "Perspectives" (List)
Alexander Knaifel, "Amicta sole" (ECM)
Giya Kancheli, "In l'istesso tempo" (ECM)
Low, live in Paris (la Maroquinerie, 04/30/2005)
David Toop, "Ocean of sound" (book, Kargo / l'Eclat)

(April 2005)
Michael Pisaro, "Mind is Moving"
Günter Müller / Steinbrüchel, "s/t"
Radian, "Juxtaposition"
"A Call for Silence" (compilation by Sonic Arts Network)
Harold Budd / Ruben Garcia / Daniel Lentz, "Music for 3 Pianos"

(March 2005)
Ingmar Bergman, "Persona" (film)
Sébastien Roux, "Pillow"
Fifths of Seven, "Spry from Bitter Anise Folds"
The Necks, "Silent Night"
Christian Rizzo, "Ni Fleurs, ni Ford-Mustang" (dance)

(February 2005)
Angle, "We'll pick up the pieces next time"
Giya Kancheli, "Diplipito"
Rachel's, "Handwriting"
Vladimir Jankelevitch, "Quelque part dans l'inachevé"
Mark Rothko, Catalogue

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(December 2004)
Helios, internet downloads
Below the Sea, "Aloneliness EP"
Fennesz, "Plus forty seven degrees 56'37" minus sixteen degrees 51'08"
David Grubbs / Nikos Veliotis, "The Harmless Dust"
Arno Mansar, "Mondrian ou l'abstraction blanche" (book)

(November 2004)
Morton Feldman, "Violin and String quartet"
Richard Chartier, "Overview"
John Cage, "John Cage"
Morton Feldman, "Clarinet and String quartet"
Mark Rothko, exhibition at the Guggenheim museum, Bilbao

(October 2004)
Sigur Ros / Hrafnagaldurs Performers, "Odin's Raven Magic" (Paris, September 28th)
John Cage, "4'33" (1960 score)
Robert Rauschenberg, "White Painting (Two Panels)" (Centre Pompidou, Paris)
James Turrell, exhibition at Galerie Amine Rech, Paris
Hervé Boghossian, "Mouvements"

(September 2004)
Emmanuel Hocquard, "Ma haie" (book)
Morton Feldman, "String quartet II"
Eliane Radigue, "Trilogie de la mort"
Xavier Klaine (demo)
Aurélie Nemours, exhibition at Centre Pompidou, Paris

(August 2004)
Aurélie Nemours, exhibition at Centre Pompidou, Paris
Oren Ambarchi, "Grapes from the Estate"
Francisco Lopez, "Untitled #91"
Rachel's, "Systems / Layers"
Jean-Marie Straub & Danièle Huillet, "Une Visite au Louvre" (movie)

(July 2004)
Steve Reich, "Music for 18 Musicians"
Joan Miro, exhibition at the Centre Pompidou, Paris
Radu Malfatti / Taku Sugimoto, "Futatsu"
Erik Satie, "Vexations" (excerpt)
Philip Glass, "Einstein on the Beach"

(June 2004)
Burkhard Stangl / Kai Fagaschinski, live in Berlin (Amplify festival)
Mark Wastell / Tim Barnes, live in Berlin (Amplify festival)
Taku Sugimoto, "Chamber Music"
Nicolas Bacri, "Cantate n°4 op. 44"
Max Richter, "The Blue Notebook"

(May 2004)
David Sylvian, "Blemish" (vinyl version)
Trapist, "Ballroom""
Gas, "Pop"
Veljo Tormis, "Litany to Thunder"
Fritz Hauser, "Solo Drumming"

(April 2004)
Fennesz, "Venice"
Günter/Halliwell/Wastell, "+Minus (First Meeting)"
Harold Budd/Brian Eno, "The Plateaux of Mirror"
Arvo Pärt, "Kanon Pokajanen"
Henri Michaux, "Poteaux d'Angles" (book)

(March 2004)
Yoshihiro Hanno, "Platfrom"
Radu Malfatti / Taku Sugimoto, "Futatsu"
Taku Sugimoto, "Guitar Quartet"
Encre, "Flux"
Cy Twombly (Centre Pompidou, Paris)

(February 2004)
Alexander Knaifel, "Svete tikhiy"
Fennesz, "Fennesz plays"
Eliane Radigue, "Biogenesis"
Yann Tiersen, "Goodbye Lenin"
Formanex, " Treatise " (Cornelius Cardew)

(January 2004)
Eliane Radigue, "Trilogie de la Mort"
Morton Feldman, "Complete Works for two Pianists"
Arvo Pärt, "Alina"
Bonnie "Prince" Billy, "I See a Darkness"
Yves Klein, "Monochrome IKB 3" (Centre Pompidou, Paris)

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(December 2003)
Radian, "Rec.extern"
Programme, "Bogue"
Philip Glass, "Low Symphony"
Town and Country, "5"
Madredeus, "Ainda"

(November 2003)
David Sylvian, "Blemish"
Hervé Boghossian, "r v b"
Rachel's, "Systems / Layers"
Amm / Formanex
Gérard Haller, "All/Ein" (book)

(October 2003)
Gavin Bryars, "A Portrait"
Radian, "tg11"
Bernhard Gunter (+ Sébastien Roux), concert in Paris, 26/09/2003
Antoine d'Agata, "Insomnia" (photographs)
Paul Klee, Mark Rothko, Francis Bacon, permanent exhibition at the Centre Pompidou, Paris

(September 2003)
M83, "Dead cities, red seas & lost ghosts"
Astor Piazzola, "Tanguedia de amor"
Mogwai, "Happy songs for happy people"
Frédéric Mompou, "Cançons i danses"
Vladimir Jankelevitch / Béatrice Berlowitz, "Quelque part dans l'inachevé"

(August 2003)
Terminal 4,"When I'm waiting"
Arvo Pärt, "Litany"
Richard Chartier, "Decisive form"
AMM, "Fine"
Roger Giroux, "L'arbre le temps" (book)

(July 2003)
Faust, "Rien"
Eliane Radigue, "ADNOS I-III"
Clogs, "Thom's night out"
Luc Ferrari, "Et si tout entière maintenant"
Robert Wyatt, "The highest gander" ("Winged Migration" O.S.T., Bruno Coulais / Gabriel Yacoub)

(June 2003)
Hiroshi Sugimoto, "Architecture" (photos)
Eliane Radigue, "ADNOS I-III"
Thomas de Thier, "Feathers in my head" (movie)
Dimitri Chostakovitch, "String quartet n°15"
Georges Delerue, "Contempt" O.S.T.

(May 2003)
Jean-Luc Godard, "Histoire(s) du cinéma", audio version (5CD boxset)
Michael Kenna, "A twenty year retrospective" (photos)
Bernhard Günter / Steve Roden, "Japan"
Nicolas de Staël, exhibition at the Centre Pompidou, Paris
Jean-Michel Fauquet, "Ordalies" (photos)

(April 2003)
Need Thomas Windham, "Employment Patterns"
Morton Feldman, "Piano and String Quartet"
Arvo Pärt, "te deum"
Morton Feldman, "For Philip Guston"
Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud, Henry Moore: "Blast to Freeze" exhibition at the "Les Abattoirs" Museum (Toulouse).

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